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Brought to you by our Registered Investment Advisory (RIA), Integrated Partners

Episode 1 – Are You Stirring the Pot While You Stir The Pot? – With Dr. Daniel Crosby

How many times have you heard to never bring politics up with your family? Ignore every time that you’ve heard that—talking about sensitive subjects can actually help you build stronger relationships.

In this premiere episode of Perfectly Integrated, Matt Ackermann is joined by Dr. Daniel Crosby who shares some tips and tricks to how you can discuss politics with your family this holiday season in a healthy and productive way.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How 2020 has primed us for emotional conversations

  • Do’s and don’ts to remain civil at the dinner table

  • How you can prepare yourself for political discussions

  • How to stop a political conversation that is going nowhere

  • And more!

Episode 2 – Evolution In The Face Of Adversity – with Mark Tibergien

With COVID changing nearly everything about how we live our daily lives, we have learned to adapt to this new normal.

In this episode, Matt Ackermann is joined by Mark Tibergien, retired CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions. Mark shares his experience as an advisor and the influence advisors can have on individuals.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The role of a financial advisor during times of crisis

  • How you can differentiate between good financial professionals and “pretenders”

  • The importance of learning basic financial independence

  • The evolution of technology within the financial advisor industry

  • And more!

Episode 3 – Looking Back and Moving Forward — With David Canter

2020 has forced us to look at how we conduct business and evolve. What does the future look like?

In this episode, Matt Ackermann is joined by David Canter, executive vice president of Fidelity Investments. David shares his knowledge from 2020 and the lessons he learned from this pandemic experience. Discover how the financial industry has evolved and will continue to evolve into 2021.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The lessons that David learned throughout the year

  • What the future of financial advisors is in this new virtual environment

  • The importance of growth within the financial industry

  • How important inclusion is in financial services

  • And more!

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