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We spend a lifetime accumulating assets to retire without ever really considering what’s at the end of the tunnel. That is why we created the Lifetime Income Model™ (LIM). Through careful time segmentation, we leverage opportunity (harnessing the power of growth assets over time) and certainty (distributions to meet needs from fixed low volatility asset) to help create retirement confidence.

Traditional retirement plans worked well enough in the past – but changing market conditions have made it increasingly risky. Low interest rates have sent bond income plummeting and this approach doesn’t take into account the impact of taking assets during market declines.

LIM keeps money you’ll need in the shorter term in safer investments that are easily converted to cash, so that the longer-term money can harness the power of time to grow.

The Lifetime Income Model is designed specifically to tackle that shortfall risk, maximize the probability of funding your unique retirement goals, and create confidence.

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